1-3889-12-20 Stabilized DC Power Supply (Wide Range) With Calibration Certificate PSW-360L30


  • Model number: PSW -360 L 30
  • Size (mm): 71 x 350 x 124
  • Output (Current/Voltage) rating Power: 0 to 30 V/0 to 36 A/360W
  • Display and Output Range: Setting Resolution: Voltage 10 mV/Current 10 mA/Power 10 W (A wide range of voltage and current settings is available within the rating power range.)
  • Various functions: test mode, output slew rate setting, variable internal resistance, CC/CV priority mode, bleeder circuit ON/OFF
  • Master-slave operation: parallel connection/three identical models, serial connection (Excluding 250 V and 800 V models)/two identical models
  • Interface: external analog control, LAN (Ethernet) port, USB host/device port, GP-IB (Options)/GUG-001 (GP-IB-USB converter)
  • power supply Voltage : AC100 to 240 V/50 to 60Hz Worldwide (However, the standard attached power cord is for AC100V only.)
  • Accessories: Calibration certificates
  • *Products with calibration certificate is a service where equipment is calibrated and calibration certificate is issued at the time of shipment.

Order No. 1-3889-12-20
Model No. PSW-360L30
JAN Code 4589638260650
Standard price JPY: 110,000 USD: 1,049.52
Excange rate 1USD= 104.81JPY
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Quantity 1piece

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