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1-7253-01 Gas Mask (Full Facepiece) Size M 6000F



  • Model number: 6000F
  • Size: M
  • Material: Lens/PC (polycarbonate), Facepiece/silicone rubber
  • Intake resistance: 50Pa or less
  • Exhaust resistance: 80Pa or less
  • Weight: 425g or less
  • National examination passed: No. TN235
  • With glasses clip
  • Full facepiece
  • *Absorption can is not included in the package.

Package size:210×150×250 mm 600 g [About Package size]

Order No. 1-7253-01
Model No. 6000F
JAN Code 4987580138339
Standard price JPY: 20,590 USD: 189.23
Excange rate 1USD= 108.81JPY
Valid price in Japan
Quantity 1piece

in Japan


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