1-9082-01 Deodorant Mask Muskie MD-02 10 Pieces MD



  • Model number: Muskie MD
  • Deodorization performance for formaldehyde: 40min (breakthrough standard 0.1ppm at the concentration of 0.5ppm)
  • Quantity: 1 box (10 sheets)
  • *Gas masks regulated by law, Cannot be used under an environment which requires the dust mask, etc. Be sure to use this product in an environment of the below limit of allowable concentration.

Package size:140×120×300 mm 190 g [About Package size]

Order No. 1-9082-01
Model No. MD
JAN Code 0000000000000
Standard price JPY: 6,500 USD: 61.22
Excange rate 1USD= 106.17JPY
Valid price in Japan
Quantity 1box(10sheets)

in Japan


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