2-5224-01 Clean Zone Device KOACHT500-F T500F

  • Oversized


  • Wind speed: 0.3m/s or 0.4m/s (switching type)
  • Collection efficiency: Pretreatment filter (ELE-PRE)/0.3μm for 99.7%, Main filter (FERENA)/0.15μm for 99.9998%
  • Blowing opening plane dimensions: 494 x 306mm
  • Cleanliness: ISO Class 1
  • Total ventilation time: 110 seconds (set wind velocity of 0.4m/s)
  • Clean space: within 700mm (distance between aperture *set wind velocity of 0.4m/s)
  • Power supply: AC100V50/60Hz35 - 110W/unit
  • Weight: Approx 14kg/unit
  • Size (mm/unit): 541 x 289 x 334
  • KOACH Table coach
  • *Transportation cost, carrying cost, installation cost, assembly cost, etc. are required separately. Please contact with us. *Main Filter and pretreatment filter are included in the body.
  • Model number: T500-F

Order No. 2-5224-01
Model No. T500F
JAN Code 0000000000000
Standard price JPY: 2,000,000 USD: 18,837.71
Excange rate 1USD= 106.17JPY
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