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3-6824-01-20 OverTemperature Control Device (With Output For Alert) With Calibration Certificate TXN800WAL



  • Model number: TXN 800 WAL (main body)
  • Specification: 130 x 160 x 84mm
  • Power supply : AC100V 50/60Hz
  • Connected capacity: AC100V MAX 15 A (Includes output for alerts)
  • Alert output: 100 V MAX1A
  • Temperature control method: Main control ON/OFF
  • Output control method: relay contact output
  • Safety function: 15 A fuse
  • Power cord : Approximately 1.8 m (3P plug)
  • Weight: about 1.5kg
  • Temperature display accuracy: ±2 ℃ or ±(0.3% + 1 digit), whichever is larger
  • Sensor Type: K thermocouple
  • Set temperature: 100 to + 1000 ℃
  • Setting method: UP/DOWN key
  • Connecting terminal: Control output/3P outlet, Alarm output/Sensor input/M3.5 Y terminal block
  • Accessories: K class thermocouple round terminal specification (Suitable for 180 ℃), cable length: approx. 2m
  • *We have a demo machine.
  • *The attached K class thermocouple sensor is a standard type. Please prepare the high temperature sensor separately.
  • Accessories: Calibration certificates
  • *Products with calibration certificate is a service where equipment is calibrated and calibration certificate is issued at the time of shipment.

Order No. 3-6824-01-20
Model No. TXN800WAL
JAN Code 4589638258138
Standard price JPY: 56,000 USD: 522.88
Excange rate 1USD= 107.10JPY
Valid price in Japan
Quantity 1piece

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