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3-7537-01 Simple Electrostatic Hair Transplantation Experimental Equipment 



  • body set
  • Wool (adhesion) possible materials: Wool setting pile (short fiber), abrasives (brown alumina), various insulation materials, ceramic powder, silica sand, carbon powder, metallic fiber, fine glass beads, luminous materials, etc.
  • *main body
  • *controller
  • *Cartridge (booster)
  • *Control cable (5m)
  • *power supply Cable (3m)
  • *ground wire (3m)
  • Size (mm): approx. 360 x 260 x 290
  • *I need a small high voltage power supply (GT 80 N) separately.
  • *It is also possible to design and manufacture equipment suited to the application. Please contact us.

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