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3-811-01 Automatic Gas Cylinder Switching Device (Sub Tank) GC-SUB



  • Size (mm): 70 x 230 x 255
  • Connection port: outer diameter φ6mm rigid tube or Rc 1/8 female screw
  • Operating pressure: 0.005MPa *
  • pressure of use: 0.08MPa or less * The product will not operate if the pressure difference between the two paths is less than this.
  • Accessories: Cartridge cartridge x 1 piece
  • [cartridge cartridge cartridge]
  • Cartridge size: CO2/approx. φ40 x 134mm
  • Connection shape: 5/8 -18 UNF female screw
  • Amount of gas to be filled: CO 2/40 L (74 g) ※ Standard: About 3 days in 1 piece (It depends on how you use it.)
  • *Cartridges are consumables. It does not regenerate even when pressurized.

Order No. 3-811-01
Model No. GC-SUB
JAN Code 4589638251856
Standard price JPY: 120,000 USD: 1,093.20
Excange rate 1USD= 109.77JPY
Valid price in Japan
Other expenses are not included
Quantity 1unit

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