61-4375-47 Wireless Thermo-Hygro Logger LR8514



  • Size: 85W x 61H x 31D mm
  • Weight: 95g (batteries not included)
  • Basic specification:
  • Supported equipment: Used for stand alone (manual data are collected) Windows PC or Windows tablet (software CD-R included), Android smartphone or android tablet terminal, (Free download from the software Google play), *Communication distance depends on performances of PC and tablet (standard line of sight 30m)
  • Used as unit (real-time measurement)
  • Used as unit of LR8410 or LR8416, Acquiring and displaying data in real time, Up to 7 units can be controlled
  • Communication distance: Line of sight 30m
  • Number of channels: Temperature 2ch + humidity 2ch (2 sensors can be attached)
  • Measurement target: Temperature, Humidity:
  • Measurement range: [Temperature] -40℃ - 80℃, Range 100℃ f.s..
  • Maximum resolution: 0.1℃
  • Humidity: 0%rh - 100%rh, Range 100%rh f.s..
  • Maximum resolution: 0.1%rh
  • Measurement accuracy: (Z2010 /Z2011 used) [Temperature basic accuracy] ±0.5℃ (10℃ - 60℃) *For out of the scope of the above temperature, 0.015℃/℃ is added (-40℃ - 10℃), 0.02℃/℃ is added (60℃ - 80℃)
  • Humidity basic accuracy: ±3%rh (20℃ - 30℃, 20%rh - 90%rh)
  • Display contents: Measured value, Day, Time, Number of recording data, Maximum value, Minimum values, Average value, etc.
  • Function: Alarm, Scaling, Keeping recording operation, Preventing errors in operation, Storing comments, Saving power, Password authentication
  • Recording: [Capacity] 500,000 data [mode] instantaneous value recording [interval] 0.5 seconds - 30 seconds per channel, 1 minute - 60 minutes, 14 switching
  • Power supply: AC adapter Z2003 (AC100V - 240V, 50Hz/60Hz), AA alkaline dry cell (LR6) x 2, External power DC5V - 13.5V (available from the USB bus power, Conversion cable is required)
  • Continuous use time: (Using AA Alkaline dry cell), (23℃ reference value) approx 3.5 months (Recording interval of 1 minute, Bluetooth R OFF), Approx 20 days (recording interval of 1 second, Bluetooth R ON), Approx 5 days (recording interval of 0.5 seconds, When LR8410 or LR8416 performs measurement in real time)
  • Accessories: CD-R x 1 (instruction manual, Logger utility, Wireless logger collector), Measurement guide x 1, Note on use of radio waves x 1, AA alkaline dry cell (LR6) x 2 *Body alone cannot perform measurement. Thermo-hygro sensor Z2010 or Z2011 is required.
  • LR8514

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