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62-9118-81 [Cartridge Gas] Burner EA303YF-3A



  • Electron Ignition System
  • Size …75 x 145 x 680mm
  • Weight …0.8kg
  • Fever The amount …22,000kcal/h
  • Continuous Operating Time …About 10 Minutes
  • Flame Temperature …1,300℃
  • Flame Length …300mm
  • Ignition System …Ignition Button
  • Spent Fuel …Cassette Cylinder
  • Accessories …250g Cassette Gas 1 Pc
  • Most suitable for caring the home gardens Lightweight, compact, but powerful flame
  • Not only burning the weeds, but also insecticide & sterilization are possible, and it is effective.
  • It is environment-friendly compared with herbicide/insecticide, and safe vegetable culture is possible.
  • Fire power is not reduced even continuously used, and astounding power continues.

Order No. 62-9118-81
Model No. EA303YF-3A
JAN Code 4550061002230
Standard price JPY: 8,620 USD: 80.19
Excange rate 1USD= 107.49JPY
Valid price in Japan
Quantity 1piece

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